e X i l e New Recruite Application Form

Welcome to the e X i l e new recruit application form. Please fill out the information below including FULL API information. From here one of our personel specialists will run a background check on your information and a recruiter will contact you regarding an interview on our teamspeak server. Please allow up to 48 hours to process your application, our recruiters work very hard but we do have an overwhelming number of applicants applying.

Main Character Name

Alternate Character Name - Please list ALL Alts

Main Character Skill Points - Post alts if you would like

List the major races and ships you can fly

Can you fly or do you own capital ships? If so please list all below and if they are combat ready

Has your character training been specialized? If so what in?

Are you willing to train for alliance and corporate fleet doctrines?

What is your combat and overall PVP experience? Please elaborate.

Do you have solid FC or Scouting experience? Please be detailed.

How much time are you able to dedicate to the corporation per week?

What timezone do you live in or are looking to play in?

What are your feelings towards Stargate SG1, Atlantis, Universe?

Can you handle extreme sarcasm and huge egos in a mostly american corp surrounded by germans and euros?

Why are you leaving your current corporation?

Why are you choosing e X i l e?

What qualities, abilities, skills, etc do you bring to e X i l e?

What are you looking for in e X i l e?

Are you looking for a long term corporation?

What refered you to e X i l e? Recrutier, forums, friends, etc?

Please feel free to add any comments

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